Details of the design of mobile phone holster including what

The design of mobile phone holster, not purely from traditional and realistic to undertake the design of traditional and new in order to be different, but on the basis of making appropriate changes or greater. Its work is mainly around the market to promote the large-scale production and sales of enterprise products to optimize the organization of work. Mobile phone leather case design style, focus on every detail of the product of a style of product quality and the spirit of enterprise staff.
(1) material
Material is refers to the comprehensive mobile phone holster material quality, texture and variety, is one of the elements of the design of mobile phone holster. Leather is main material of mobile phone mobile phone holster, including leather, artificial leather and leather, each material has its different characteristics and strength, directly affect the treatment effect and process technology components and durability. In this industry, all kinds of textile materials with leather leather production process produced by mobile phone products, also known as mobile phone mobile phone holster.
(2) structure
The structure is a product of the external and internal components through the organic combination of various ways, here refers to the bags, handbags, wallets and so on the production of a variety of structural device with one or more objects using different techniques. It reflects the technological characteristics of a product, but also reflects the use of a product function and performance. For each kind of structure, the utility and decoration can be used in two ways.
Practical structure refers to the main bag outside the pocket or attached bag, special assembly layer or some internal; decorative structure is only for the needs of the design itself, is not practical.
(3) proportion
In the mobile phone holster industry, each type of product form, accessories and components specifications have a relatively stable size range, showing different proportion. Of course, does not rule out in a popular stage to highlight the effect of exaggeration and the proportion of deliberately destroyed. Texture, color, materials, products and accessories, craft, is one of several elements of the largest mobile phone holster design space. As to how to effectively grasp the various elements of the designer, to construct a creative and valuable style, different epidemic situation requires designers first master the different age, different markets, and find the answer. Designers should not only fully understand the mobile phone holster design history, as a source of inspiration; it should be based on the market, pay attention to changes in all walks of life development, people's life style and consumption concept. Only in this way, designers can continue to innovate, design the market needs of the product.
(4) technology
Process refers to the process, in the production of mobile phone leather production method and production technology, is an important part of a reflection of the quality of products and grades. It mainly includes material selection, material technology; skin thickness, width, angle shovel technology and data; needle shape, needle, needle sewing the distance, margins, line number and line color, line quality and sewing, sewing, dark Ming technology and data Ban Ming joint selection, auxiliary materials; processing technology and data; assembly process, folding, binding, oil, glue, laminating technology and data; brand, screen printing, car decoration line, computer embroidery, punching, rope, wear nail strain, flower technology and data.
(5) shape
The shape is actually a relatively stable geometry. People think that geometry appearance is attractive, positive shape depends mainly on the geometry, but for the designer, side, top and bottom shape is very important, the surface itself is interactive, designers need to carefully combine, so that each body become beautiful, or to people with deviant feeling.
Luggage and handbags shape of traditional rectangular, square, trapezoidal, circular, semicircular, hexagonal, and a new era of beauty, waist shaped gourd shaped and the traditional shape of the circle is not round, not the shape variation. Humans followed thousands of years of cultural tradition, the traditional form is often a preference for the addition, and many modern men and women are more like some of the new era of breaking the shape.
(6) color
Nature has numerous colors, but in terms of the mobile phone industry leather, black, brown and red is the 3 colors of the classic, since artists hype their masterpiece, the mobile phone leather industry to pay attention to the problem. By 1980s, more and more urban people like the color of nature. With the development of science and technology, these colors have been widely used in all walks of life. In 1997, after a riot of colours design all over the world, since then, the color change intensified, a get out of hand, not only the red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue and purple all stage, there were many thousands of changes in color and mixed color edge they also shine. In recent years the emergence of a metal color, pearl color, glossy metal mixed color, double color, color and variety of antique and many charming colors.
(7) texture
The texture includes the pattern of the material itself and the artificial texture. Early mobile phone mobile phone holster for leather grain effect (called needle pattern), and the linen textile materials and various pattern printing on cloth; in modern times, there are many genuine and fake animal or plant texture; modern in the past on the basis of application, more natural things in the world and texture design a variety of geometric texture, texture and other creative space pattern.
(8) line
The line is composed of a variety of geometric elements and body surface, each line will give people a different feeling, "provoke" countless "the right and wrong". Straight line gives people integrity,

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