What are the elements of the custom made Tablet PC protectio

Covers the tablet computer has many kinds, there are silica gel TPU material so-called "water", using PU synthetic leather (leather), some of the more high-grade the cowhide leather material, and some special materials, such as carbon fiber, bamboo, wood and so on.. Of course there are made of metal materials, the current mainstream basically concentrated in resin, leather, leather three.
Custom tablet computer cover protection is so open, interpolation clip, does not affect any key operation, direct use of basic functions; such as synchronization: charge, transfer, camera, headset and other operations, up and down the edge of the function is the same, there has been set aside in the. A double layer design is adopted inside the protective sleeve, and a high density sponge layer is arranged below the tablet computer, which can be used for placing the company's wireless access equipment, and also can ensure the integrity of the protective sleeve.
According to the development of the tablet PC, carry out technical research, the design of the new type of tablet PC protective cover which meets the requirements of human body engineering. "We take the lead in the same industry in the use of human design concept, to create a set of protective and ornamental comfort, such as multi-functional in one of the new products." In today's market on a tablet computer, seems to blindly pursue the large size of the era has ended, and the small and medium size plate 7 to 8 inches with its excellent portability and more and more consumers... Its performance become the most popular tablet computer models. As a precision electronic devices, tablet PC in the daily use of the need to be more careful care!

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