How to distinguish between genuine and fake crocodile leathe

Because of its high value, leather goods, leather products, so the use of crocodile leather products, such as: Crocodile lines mobile phone protective cover, alligator shoes, crocodile wallets, etc., has been much loved by many consumers. In order to be able to meet the needs of the crocodile leather market, a lot of leather goods manufacturers through the PU material imitation alligator tattoo, has reached the touch of crocodile skin.
And real life need to buy real crocodile leather goods, how to distinguish between the true and false of crocodile skin? Today, mobile phone manufacturers will be small leather landscape for you from all aspects of touch and vision through to distinguish ratio of crocodile skin.
The first is feel soft: do not think that it must be true crocodiles, imitation crocodile pattern will feel very soft calfskin, but compared with the real crocodile, crocodile skin feel tight, press down can feel the inner texture and leather pattern closely, and imitation crocodile pattern will feel relatively loose, press down can feel the gap between the rolling lines.
The second is: can not distinguish between stomatal stomatal crocodile and standard, some people think that must be really delicate pores of crocodile skin, but no pores are not necessarily imitation alligator, crocodile skin really will absorb water, and leave the dark water marks, for a while will transform back, imitation alligator it is not water.
Third is the pattern: the pattern of crocodile skin is symmetrical, not necessarily the upper abdominal skin. Imitation of the crocodile skin pattern more neatly. True crocodile skin pattern, lines will have subtle changes, the curve is more vivid, the skin pattern is arranged into the law, or from large to small changes, or from deep to shallow changes. And imitation of the crocodile skin pattern, it is rigid, there is no vivid feeling.
Finally, look at the cross section of the skin. The skin pattern section of the true crocodile can be seen to have a deeper groove, and the crocodile skin is not a groove or a shallow groove.
Through these four methods, perhaps you have a certain understanding of the true crocodile skin. But in real life because the crocodile skin processing really need a lot of government approval procedures, unauthorized processing is illegal behavior, so now the market of the crocodile leather is true, good or bad, it is difficult to distinguish. And its price is not ordinary people can accept, so imitation crocodile leather products, such as the protective cover, and so may also meet our comfort of the crocodile leather.

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