Slow life clock



The life time is fleeting moment, trying to do everything possible to human pursuit of eternal enduring as the universe is not old, but did not think, in fact as long as their slow mentality flat, live in the moment, then life will naturally become long distant.
Never give magazine, I do not know that in this business, time is ahead of schedule to the. January has already been prepared for March or even April. While watching the manuscripts in the forum Xinjingroutiao, one year is not over yet, did not make a little success, there was already a year, almost equal to the end. Time here was to wait to catch up the speed of flies, why not let people panic?
The length of time is defined by the human itself. Three hundred and sixty-five days a year, four seasons, twelve months. Here, people always like to see the race race each other, who can take over a year into a day. The ancestors have the knowledge, if ten years into a year, and we will be so impatient?
Days are not used, can only be used to chase. Self do not intend to enter the door, so he fell into the vortex of fast. The number on the calendar and the clock is always on behalf of the past, because today is to do, is the future of things. It is spring, but men have in doing things on the autumn.
Not what is worth rejoicing, endless youth is shorter than the others just like a big slice. Walk in front of what is the use of time, are falling behind, in vain urge the old heart and appearance.
The fast pace of modern people, is nothing more than a fast life clock, their way to their pressure and force a, only in order to better extract the juice of life value gained fame. But I see it is consumed and flies faster and more leave no room. How can a ton of gold can change back to even a second time?
Americans always run in front of the world, and even spend money today, tomorrow, the results of it? The financial crisis finally broke the proconsumption myth, contrary to the laws of nature to punish all activities.
Beijing people, take it easy. People live a life, vegetation and a spring, is a very short and beautiful time. If you can walk, why Miss scurried the scenery along the way? Notice the front is not another spring, but always waiting for you close to the end of life.
Tomorrow's thing to do today, next year's thing to do this year. So far ahead of excellence and hard work, but is a result of the advance of life.
What is a into rivers and lakes years reminders, young children's old? This is the helplessness of life rather than enjoyment.

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