Close the world's ears


The bed is probably the most consumed time of life! One day in addition to 1/3 of the sleep time, in addition to a lot of time, actually can also be spent in bed.
The dog came back, made a cup of tea, and a half lie down on the bed, and even sleep more than nine points! Get up to eat something, take a look at the East and West, has ten points, and more than half an hour, but also go out.
The playground is the rehearsal of the autumn sports meeting of the. The music slogan, occasionally there are one or two acoustic sound with a reprimand, full ear, not even a place to escape.
Now, I think it's too hard to be quiet for a while. At home computer, TV, mobile phone. These things, whether in use or not, are usually open. I have a friend, his home TV basically did not close: cook when open, eat when open, or even sleep, the television is also open. Asked him why, he said he was used to, and that there is no point at home, very empty very boring.
Out of the house, such as the cries and advertising propaganda vehicles, the streets are full of. Businesses in order to reap huge profits in the propaganda is always costly. In addition to the flow of trucks and not stop selling, there are a variety of advertising. From the hearing to the visual, all - round, no - - - - - - - - - - - - to - - - - - - - - - - to - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -! In addition all outlets, have their own sound, all put their love songs, especially the selling Tomatoes on sticks shop, all the time, the "ice" Tomatoes on sticks to this song, a song cycle not to mind taking the trouble to......
So, now the people want to be quiet, to have a deep practice. You have the ability, close your earthly ears, open your heart space, can have an inner cooling. It's just such a chance, and it's not too much. This kind of trivial, always make your heart copy very full very disorderly. Want to have a quiet ethereal heart! His soul was placed there, and not those things by disturbance.
All the fruit in the house, all have no, but how all do not want to go out to buy. Although every day when you go out, you have to go through four or five fruit shop. Not forget to bring money, is to bring the money and forget to buy. Always at that moment to open the door, who came to think of. However, the shoes have been kicked off, I was thrown into the bag inside the sofa......
Wait for next time, but every time.
Used to open the computer, listening not to mind taking the trouble of shaoxing. When in a good mood, think it is the sounds of nature, the mood is not good, that is me in a daze silly background music.
Quick to love the birthday, the daughter wanted to buy a watch for his father, a good long time to go online, or can not be determined. Most of the dial is no figure, so I do not see how the table, and her daughter is very angry:
"Mom, you're the one who's like you, looking at the table, and it's going to be 12."
"Certainly not like me, but your father gets older, maybe one day, he is better than me! So, be sure to buy a number on the dial, the design is simple and generous, the best domestic."
"Made in China? Mechanical or quartz? What brand?"
"To quartz, not every day to watch, brand seagull on the line."
"The seagulls? Never heard of."
"Internet search, as the Chinese people, actually do not know how to watch the sea?"
For a while, my daughter called again:
"Want to use the domestic sea seagulls watch, your daughter can not afford to buy, are thousands of thousands of thousands of good."
Then, daughter in the QQ, sent a link to me, I open a look, but not it? All day to support domestic products, so the price, let this small people, how to support? When I got married, I bought a piece of sea - up watch. It was less than 200 dollars.
His wife came back from work, and told him to listen. Look at the way I look at it, he looked at me and said:
"You are less than 200, I was less than 120 yuan of wages! More than a month's wages, equivalent to now, not a good many thousand ah!"
"The era is different, then spend 200 dollars to buy a watch, also didn't feel how, how now instead of willing?"
"Didn't think so. It didn't cost your money."
"You don't say you bought me a watch, and now you still feel bad!"
Just, we just quarrel, forget the computer is also open voice calls, the two daughters in the air was shouting:
"Why is it so noisy? Mom, you put the computer to my father, let my father said to be quartz or mechanical." I got up and gave my computer to my lover.
"I want the machine, the price is not too high, no money I give you."
"Dial? To figure or scale? Color to black and white or gray?"
"The scale of the number of lines, the color to black and white."
"Oh, isn't it a watch? Regardless of how much!" I could not help but interrupted beside.
"Dad, are you sure?"
"Sure, your mother is in a hurry to surf the Internet!"
"Don't worry ah, watch box, there are two colors, one red and one black which kind do you want?"
"What kind of table box will do, anyway, just wear a watch and do not wear a table box." I have a mouth again.
"Mom, we buy a birthday gift for Dad, of course, to buy my dad like you, don't interrupt ok."
"What color do you like, what color do you want

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